Small Update – You owe me the read after all the work I did today :)

Posted on Dec 16 2009 - 4:36am by Ronnie E.

Phew! I think today was the most amount of giveaways I’ve ever posted in one day – 33 altogether!  I hope ya’ll appreciate my efforts. :o)

So the site has been open for a mere 2.5 weeks and I’m already seeing a huge pick up on speed… more followers on Google friends, quite a few more followers through rss feeds, and the amount of visitors per day are really picking up.  I’m seeing visitors extending all continents and over 45 countries already.. that’s great news!

We’re becoming a bigger community and more of us are participating in giveaways, which hopefully means that more people will open their giveaways internationally to take advantage of a huge potential client base.

I’m also seeing a huge increase in the amount of giveaways which are open internationally… 33 posts in one day speaks for itself! I was overwhelmed by the amount of posts I had to go through today.  Let’s hope this trend keeps up…

On another note, I’m still working on changing the layout (darned be the coding! – I’m learning as I work).

AND I won two other giveaways this week!  That makes it three giveaways altogether + one awesome blogger who is sending me a small gift for participating in her giveaway.

These are the  awesome giveaways that I won:

1) A bow + bow holder from Beaux Girls

2) Nourishment Treatment Oil from Dr. Alkaitis

3) A scarf from Inspire Wire

4) Little “thank you” gift from Street Noodles

Have you won any giveaways posted in this blog? I would love to hear about it. You can e-mail me to
internationalgiveaways[at]gmail[dot]com or post a comment here.. whatever suits you. 🙂