Oh.. the Annoyance of Not Knowing

Posted on Dec 18 2009 - 5:34am by Ronnie E.

Boo, today’s giveaway list was a bit limited…

I went through a ton of giveaways today and found that the majority of them didn’t indicate anything about where they were open to… So I just assumed that they weren’t open worldwide and ignored them.  Wouldn’t it be such a bummer to win one of those giveaways and then have the prize be taken away from you?? Better safe than sorry, I say.. so those giveaways are put in my ignore bin.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to e-mail each giveaway host separately and ask them if they’re open to international participants… I’ve done it in the past, quite constantly actually but there comes a point where I can’t send 25 e-mails in one day, keep track of the responses, and then post relevant giveaways.  I’ve decided to only do that when the giveaway is really great.

It’s such a shame because it means that they lose out on potential viewers/followers/clients and of course, we miss out on participating!

Let’s hope that we can show them a strong presence and convince them to start opening up their giveaways worldwide or at least letting us know up-front whether its relevant to us. 😉

Here’s hoping!