New Layout!

Posted on Dec 20 2009 - 3:24am by Ronnie E.

A miracle has happened: I finally fixed all the little bugs in the new layout!  It’s now installed and I have not one, but TWO wonderful sidebars so I can place more widgets. Yay!

Today’s list was limited because I’m feeling a little ill (I blame going out until 4:30 am for that – I’m too old for that craziness!)

BUT with the new layout, getting in touch with me is now super easy! Just click on the relevant button in the header and  magic, a form appears.  Fill it out and I’ll get your message.  No need to go through the annoying tasks of copying my e-mail, logging in to your email, and only then sending me a message. (I still haven’t written the winning tips though).

Aside from that, I am welcome to opinions, criticism, praise, etc.  Is the layout looking okay in your screen? Are the colors easy to read? All your input will help. :o)

More giveaways will be posted tomorrow when I gain back some of my strength!