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Jean Straps Review & Giveaway – Win a free pair of Jean Straps for your boots! ***CLOSED***

The simple solution for tucking jeans into your boots!

Winter is coming soon to the Southern Hemisphere, which means I need to put away my tops and skirts and start moving my jeans, sweaters and boots to center stage in my closet!  Until now, I wasn’t really looking forward to it since I have a low patience threshold and squishing in my jeans into my very beautiful boots (which deserve to be displayed!) stressed me out like crazy. Sure, I could just wear the jeans out and problem solved but that looks nowhere near as chic as I’d like it to look and the chilly wind makes its way underneath the jeans.  No, that won’t do!!!

But then this brilliant, little product popped in front of my screen and alas, my jean/boot problems were fixed!  No more tucking in my jeans obsessively, adjusting or fixing them or looking in the mirror at the crumpled up bits over the top of the boot and getting annoyed.  With these Jean Straps all those problems are gone and you can once again look chic with your perfectly tucked in jeans into your boots!

The concept is really simple – attach the Jean Straps to the bottom of ANY pair of jeans (either before or after putting on the jeans) and then your jeans are ready to be tucked in easily into your boots.  And presto! You have finished what before took too long a time to do.

Jean Straps are such a simple solution. The best part is that you only really need one pair – you can just place it on another jean and use it with another pair of boots.  They’re as easily removed as placed on. Plus, they’re made of high quality elastic and no one will see them tucked into your boots.  When you order a pair, instructions are enclosed in the packaging! That helped me out a lot… I’m not great at figuring things out myself.

What I love most is how comfortable they are.  I honestly didn’t feel them the entire day I tested them out.  Some reviewers have said that they feel like wearing stirrup pants but I honestly wouldn’t know, I’ve never worn one of those.

My overall thought on the Jean Strap: Fully recommended! Especially if you like to tuck in your pants under your boots  – they will make your life so much easier!


Jean Straps are sold for only $9.99 a pair – that’s practically a steal for such a great product! Head over to their online store to grab a pair!


Jean Straps
is giving away one of their products to a lucky fashionable winner!


That’s it! There’s a bunch of opportunities for you to win this great product! The winner will be picked through a random number generator and will be contacted through e-mail, so make sure to write your e-mail address in the form. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email before a new winner is chosen.  Best of luck to everyone!

Expiration date: May 24, 2010 at 11:59 pm GMT -4


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