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TuneCore for Musicians: Making Sure you Get that Royalty Check

We’ve spoken about TuneCore before – it’s a great system for musicians who want to get their music out to the right ears. Well, there’s another great benefit to their services: helping songwriters and musicians collect and generate royalties all over the world.

Let’s imagine a scenario: a commercial in South Korea uses your song for their ad. You live way in the other end of the world. You will never hear this commercial or be aware of the use of your composition. What does that equal? Lost money from royalties for your hard work! This wouldn’t happen to you with TuneCore, as you can read in this post.

TuneCore user Brian Crain, a successful composer, was interviewed about his use of their Music Publishing Administration service. Their team works very hard to help songwriters in the community collect and generate royalties from all corners in the world. He was able to collect on royalties he had no idea about. Read his interview here to find out about how they can help you, too!

For these reasons and more, we can’t recommend TuneCore enough for musicians!


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