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Everyone knows I love competitions, contests and giveaways. Winning prizes is the ultimate experience for me. I love the adrenaline rush of receiving that phone call or email about the grand prize.

Some people take it even further – they enter crazy competitions on television and online that will win them more than just a small prize: they could win an entire wedding. Imagine savings the tens of thousands of dollars and instead getting a fully-paid wedding… or meeting the man of your dreams in a wedding competition or show.

I thought it would be fun to go through some of the craziest wedding contests and competitions out there. Here they are!


The Bachelor & The Bachelorette


What’s really mind-blowing to me about this show is that people are literally competing to get married. The end-deal is that the bachelor or bachelorette is supposed to propose to the ‘winner’, a winner who has seen her new man or woman be with other people throughout the whole experience. Let’s leave that aside… it’s absolutely insane that a game like this ends in a proposal and a potential wedding and marriage. Some participants have managed to build a wonderful marriage, but most have not reached that stage. You can see here – it’s fun to look through and see where the couples are now.


Contest for a Venue

resortThe winner’s wedding at Lake Lanier Islands Resort

In 2012, the Lake Lanier Islands Resort wanted to get more bookings and get their venue’s name out there. So they ran a Dream Wedding Contest to give one lucky couple the chance to win their perfect wedding!

The contest was tough and took place in 6 stages. Voters voted couples off until one last couple remained. Then voters could vote for wedding transportation, flowers, cake, the location of rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon suite. All voters were entered into yet another sweepstakes for a 2 night stay at the resort. It was a wildly popular contest that brought extra booking and $30,000 in revenues to the resort.

Maybe this will inspire my dream venue to open their own similar contest? (*hint hint*) 🙂 I would be up for entering a contest in exchange for winning a wedding in their banquet halls in Glendale, CA. Believe it or not, that’s where my boyfriend and I met!


Four Weddings


Four Weddings was one of those reality shows I couldn’t help but watch… I watched the UK version but because of its success there, they created the same one in the US. I just really enjoy the softer cattiness of it. The drama, the competition, the unnecessarily snotty comments: it’s just great reality TV.

So what’s the competition here? Four brides are picked and they must attend each other’s wedding. In the end, they need to vote on which one was the best wedding. The winner gets a fully paid dream honeymoon.

The damage is minimal… a few cameras and extra guests at your wedding. And in exchange, you could win an amazing honeymoon. Worth it!


Don’t Tell the Bride


Would you let your groom make ALL the important wedding decisions? In Don’t Tell the Bride, that’s exactly what happens. The groom is in charge and the bride… well, she can’t know about any of the decisions taken by the groom. And that means ALL decisions including the wedding dress, the venue and the wedding cake. The entire wedding is a surprise to the bride.

So what attracts couples to take part in such a risky show? A fully paid wedding (or at least $20,000 of it). It’s brilliantly funny but I do feel for the poor bride. They torment her by sharing small hints about the groom’s decisions, usually making it look like a dooms-day scenario, like suggesting he picked out a horrible dress.


What is your favorite wedding competition or contest? Share below!

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Hi International Giveaways followers!

Thank you so much for your constant support and sweet messages of appreciation for our work on our site. We always loved hearing stories about the items you won and your excitement to win more. 🙂

As you guys know, I love giveaways and particularly those open internationally, and the site was trying to share them out with you all so you could participate as well.

The site has been running for 6 long years at this point, and well, unfortunately, costs have far exceeded any gains. It’s become very difficult for me to continue running this site and invest my own personal savings into it.

So a decision had to be made… for now, the site is temporarily on pause. This isn’t a permanent closing of the site, but it needs to happen so I can get the costs back on track.

When I can manage the return, we will be back in full swing.

Thank you as always for all the love and appreciation you have shown all these years. <3


Featured image courtesy of Freepik

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My fascination for winning things started very young… back in the pre-internet days, I used to watch television shows and look through the newspapers for competitions and giveaways. I also used to attend bingos and buy a stack of bingo cards, also reducing the average age of attendees by about 20 years on my very own. I was such an avid competitor, that I used to win BIGTIME but I was severely underage (at most I was about 10-12 years old) so I would give my parents’ names to get the prizes.

Among the many things I have won are:

  • A 3-couch living room set
  • 2 laptops
  • 1 television
  • Money (cash, checks, paypal)
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Books
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Food
  • Gift cards
  • Clothes
  • Hotel stays
  • Veterinary services (saved me hundreds of dollars)
  • Meals
  • Paintings
  • Makeup
  • Random miscellaneous prizes!
My prizes celebrate! Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

My prizes celebrate!
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

I was even on a game show once. I entered the game show’s raffle so many times, that I knocked the competition out of the water and my name was picked as the final contestant. Of course, me being 12 years old…they weren’t going to let me on the show on my own. So my dad came with me while my mom ‘assisted’ live through the phone. The funny thing is: the model from the show actually told me beforehand what to pick so I would win all the prizes (that lady had a heart of gold or she just really hated her job and wanted to screw them over).

AND WIN I DID. EVERYTHING. EVERY SINGLE PRIZE THE SHOW HAD TO OFFER. I was the first grand prize winner ever on the show.  At 12 years old!

Long gone are the days of those type of competitions… now the giveaway and competition scene has changed, but I still do well when I put some effort into it.

These are the ways I’m winning goodies now:


Obviously, Giveaways

InternationalGiveawaysLogo600x113pxThere are sooooo many giveaways out there, even those open internationally. We get overwhelmed with the amount and can only add a portion to the listing. They are becoming more competitive and harder to win due to participation numbers, but there’s still a chance to win them, especially if you take part in as many entries as possible. Both my head volunteer and I win giveaways here & there (she wins more than me!).


Country-based Facebook Contests

The awesome thing about Facebook contests is that you can find contests from your own country, and those are usually less popular and thus have less participants.

I went a little nutty with it… first, I created a new Facebook profile. Then, I started liking pages from companies in my country LIKE CRAZY. I must have reached 1000 easy… anytime I liked a page, it would recommend 10 more and so I kept at it until I had liked all sorts of hotels, restaurants, companies, products, stores, clothing brands, etc. – all from the country where I reside.

Then, I searched for keywords in the Facebook search bar, so it would show me posts from my liked pages that contained those keywords. I bookmarked those searches, and I check them every so often to find new contests.

I have won TONS of things this way… sometimes I find contests that have less than 10 participants and I blow it out of the water with my entry!

This is the search URL for keywords. Just change the keyword in red and you will get relevant search results from pages’ posts:

These keywords work out well for me:

  • win
  • contest
  • giveaway
  • giving%20away

Unfortunately, this search URL gives you the most popular results, not the latest, so if anyone can figure out how to search by “most recent” posts with keywords – tell me in a comment!

Online Games

To each his own when it comes to gambling, but as I mentioned, I’ve been into bingo since I was a little kid. And when I did bingo, I didn’t take it easy. I could handle at least 10 bingo cards at a time per game as a youngin’ and today I can handle more. Some of my best prizes were won on national bingo games, although I never won the ultimate prize: a vacation.

My grandpa also started teaching me poker when I was about 5 years old, so I grew up playing it and I have a naturally mathematical and strategic mind (I actually have a BA degree in strategy). I’ve been playing online bingo for a few years and although I don’t do it on any pro level, I’ve won some prizes and money!

I just don’t recommend you get into it unless (a) you are very good at the particular game and (b) you know when to give yourself a break and quit playing. Gambling is no joke… don’t do it unless you know what you’re getting yourself involved in.


Twitter Parties

twitter-partyHonestly, I’m quite bad at these because I’m Twitter-ignorant. However, I participated in ONE Twitter party once and won a $100 gift card just like that… All I had to do was tweet something that was mentioned on a webinar that I was watching at the time and kapow – money. It was so easy that I felt like I was missing out on some amazing opportunities to win more goodies in Twitter parties, but alas, I have yet to take myself up on finding and participating in more. You can take a look at this good resource to learn more about how they work.


Where else are you winning money and prizes? Tell us below if you have any great tips!

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My sister has finally reached that point of graduation!! To think that I did so a full 11 years ago… it feels like yesterday really. 😀 In honor of this epic moment, I decided that I will get a present to symbolize her graduation and her transition towards adulthood. May she remember her teenage years with joy!


Give the new grad a break from school responsibilities for a while and let him or her bask in the glory of finishing school. Whether it’s high school, college or university, a fresh graduate deserves a treat from you. Aside from a lunch or dinner treat, you can get the fresh grad discount designer fragrances, a new gadget and three other gift ideas.


1. Discount Designer Fragrances

5 Gift Ideas for the Newly-Grad (In honor of my sis!)1

This one is her fave!

The easiest way to please a new graduate is to give him or her a designer fragrance. Wrapping such fragrance as a present brings a special feeling. It also means the person graduates from the usual generic colognes found in drugstores. There’s a sense of maturity in wearing a designer fragrance and gives the wearer a status symbol as well. You can find designer brands at For discounts, use Beauty Encounter codes and join their June contest for a chance to score $100 value eGift Card.


2. New Gadget

5 Gift Ideas for the Newly-Grad (In honor of my sis!)2

Is there such a thing as a pink iphone? She would love that I’m sure.

If you have a child or sibling who just graduated high school and has been begging you to buy him or her a new iPhone, now’s the time to do so. Some parents are lenient towards their kids, giving whatever the kids ask. Other parents who are more of the disciplinarian would prefer a balance of responsibility and reward. If you think it’s high time for a reward, a graduation gift concerning gadgets would be one awesome gift.


3. Dollar Bills or a Credit Card

It's a dangerous gift! :)

It’s a dangerous gift! 🙂 (Image courtesy of


The best way to cheer up a new grad is to give him or her money (seriously). If you’re that generous, you can put 5 $100 dollar bills in an envelope. If you’re creative enough, you can roll a bunch of bills of different denominations, tie them with a rubber band or ribbon and put them in a box. Giving the new grad some money will give him or her a sort of responsibility whether to spend all the money, save some or save them all.

4. Room Makeover

When your son or daughter becomes a young adult, he or she would want to have some privacy. When your child is sharing a room with another sibling, a great graduation gift would be to grant a separate room. This isn’t just an ordinary bedroom by the way. This can be THE perfect place. Game consoles, a home movie-theatre system, maybe a hammock or a surfboard creatively plastered across his room would be his dream come true. What would be a girl’s dream? A walk-in closet.

5. Travel Experience

5 Gift Ideas for the Newly-Grad (In honor of my sis!)4

Go lil’ one! Explore the world. *snif snif*

Whether you’re joining the newly-grad on a trip or if it’s a life-changing experience you want him or her to engage in, a travel experience is one luxurious treat that will widen one’s horizon. A first-hand experience of the world’s different cultures can come as a shock but it’s a priceless experience for the newly-grad. Grant him or her a luxurious two-week trip to Europe or an adventure backpacking escapade to Asia. Nowadays, young people aren’t just measured in their education and formal achievements but more often, they’re measured based on life experiences and strengths.

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Time for a personal post! Woot. 🙂 I think it’s fun to see the person behind a site – I know I love it when I see my fave bloggers give a bit of insight into their lives. In the past, I’ve written about gifts I’ve given my (former) boyfriend, and if you’ve been here long enough, you may remember my post on the river flooding by my street. Eek!

This time around I wanted to share one of my most loved hobbies – paper cutting. I discovered paper cutting a few years back during summer camp. An artist came to show us the gorgeous paper cut art he creates and gave us a chance to take part. I was hooked!

Me busy at work learning how to paper cut

Me busy at work learning how to paper cut

If you’re interested in paper cutting – there’s very little material that you need. The first is of course, paper! I buy mine in a craft store. You want slightly thick paper (thicker than computer printer paper) but not too thick that you’ll damage your hand applying pressure cutting. The second thing is obviously, the paper cutter. You want a good, stable one that is sharp and will cut easily. And then finally, you want a good picture frame to display the paper cut art. I get mine for discount at and I got the paper cutter in bulk at AliExpress for $1 a piece. So really, between paper, a paper cutter, and a frame = cheap. Inexpensive hobby indeed!

To find the designs you will cut, you can either draw one yourself, or you can find some online to print out. Silhouettes look great when cut, patterns can be gorgeous and I particularly love tree drawings. Some people come up with amazing designs that really astound me. My fave are the silhouette black designs that are placed between two glass panes in a shadow box frame. I think it looks surreal.

Dream Paper Cut is one of my favorites. I noticed that they use vector stock images to create their paper cut designs – which is a great idea. I love how they frame their pieces! I think it’s add a touch of magic to the design.
My Personal Hobby Paper Cutting2 My Personal Hobby Paper Cutting3

THIS is dedication to the art! From

My Personal Hobby Paper Cutting4
Using a shadow box frame can allow you to place the paper cuts in different levels, creating a fun 3D effect.

My Personal Hobby Paper Cutting5

If you want to see more gorgeous paper cut designs, check out the list here.

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If you’re anything like me, you want to save money. But I don’t just save money – I make it an art form! I pre-plan my purchases every year so I can buy only when items are at their cheapest.  Spring is a great month to save on fall and winter-related products. Winter stock in particular is being sold for ultra-cheap: stores want to rid themselves of their seasonal goods.

Are you looking to save as well? Here is my list of my off-season purchases for spring:

1) Christmas stuff

April is the best time of the year to buy your Christmas decorations, lights and miscellaneous bits and pieces. Why? It’s simple economics! Demand is down, so prices go down. Christmas-related companies are selling their stock cheap, and it’s a smart time to take advantage of their sales. The specialty stores are the place to go: for example, has a 40% discount. Heck, you know what you need already, you don’t need to wait until the Xmas rush and high prices to buy it.


Yay for cheap Xmas products!


2) Presents for all the kids

Have you ever made a gift closet? If not, you really need to. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, it’s a great way to stock up on all the presents you need for the rest of the year. This is especially true if you have kids of your own who also have dozens of friends’ birthday parties to go to. Why spend heaps of cash and time on last-minute purchases? Stock up on gifts now when prices are low and stores are trying to rid themselves of what’s left-over of Christmas stock.

Now is the Best time to Buy… Off-season Products!2

3) Ebay  becomes more active

Ebay is wonderful post-winter. Everything that was gifted in Christmas, but not desired, will be up for grabs for cheap! Enough time has passed that the receivers of the gift will no longer feel guilty, or they may lose desire or use for the product. This winter hit hard, so shipments and selling was limited… no one wanted to walk to the post office in such extreme conditions. But now that the weather has warmed up, the goods are up for grabs!

4) Non-spring clothes and shoes

Anytime the season is changing, stores will provide sales and discounts on their product in order to make room for the new seasonal trends. March and April is the moment when I go to stores and check out what they offer from their Winter stock. I get all the necessary goodies that I need for the winter – jackets, heavy coats, boots, and sweaters. I’ve gotten insane discounts at times, even paying 10% of the original price. The trick is to avoid the overly trendy clothes and shoes: pink and black dots may have been on trend this past season, but they may be untrendy a year from now!

Gorgeous sweaters for less!

Gorgeous sweaters for less!

Do you buy seasonal products off-season? Tell us below!

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Alright guys, you can all breath a sigh of relief. I tried something and it didn’t work out.. it happens.

In my quest to monetize the blog, I installed on the site. It was supposed to give me money for each view/click on a link. Well, I’m now rich as I made a whopping $0.10 per day from it! Since it ran for 4 days… I made an incredible $0.38!!! A piece of gum is on me today – but only one.

Really thought, it’s too much of an annoyance on us all for such little profit.. it won’t even cover my hosting costs by the end of the month. So it’s gone. Enjoy direct access to the giveaways again. 🙂 is Gone

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My youngest sister is in her junior year of school which means that this year, she’s attending the prom party.

Putting aside the fact that I feel incredibly old now that she’s 17 (unbelievable how quickly she went from being a sweet, little baby to a feisty teenager), I’m really happy for her and everything she’s achieved in her junior year. She deserves a party!

This prom is supposed to be epic – the hall they reserved is gorgeous (and expensive) and the juniors are actually arranging the entire party. So of course, she will need a beautiful dress to wear to the prom. 🙂

That’s where I come in: I’ve promised that I will help her find the most gorgeous prom dress for her junior-year prom.

Here are a few gorgeous ones I picked out from I think they have a great selection of prom dresses, especially now that the season is near, and their prom dresses are on discount.

Ideally, she wants a sweetheart neckline, with a belt-type divider and puffy material on the bottom. Her ideal colors are pink and black, but she’s open to other colors.

Here are the ones I found that match what she’s looking for:

Prom Season is Coming!3 Prom Season is Coming! Prom Season is Coming!2


I’d love your input! What do you think of the dresses?

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Trial 2 Months

As I mentioned to you all a week ago, I’m trying to monetize the blog. Between server space, domains, tech issues and time spent on the blog, I’ve spent a lot of money on International Giveaways since 2009.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent FAR more than I’ve made and I really want to be able to keep the blog running! ;o(

That being said, these next two months are a trial to try things differently… we’ll see what works and what doesn’t work as far as monetizing the blog. Checking out the ads on the site always helps and is appreciated!

Please give me feedback during the coming months, whether by sending me an email, commenting here, etc. Let me know what works for you and what doesn’t, or if you have any other ideas. Your opinion is valuable to me!


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Hi everyone!

I’ve been a busy little bee lately, trying to figure out how to monetize the blog. International Giveaways has been my baby for years but truth is – it costs more to maintain it than what I earn – far more!

So for starters, you will now see ads on the site.

Please disable ad block on the site if you have it set-up.. it won’t be an annoying amount and no pop-ups, I promise! But it’s a lot of help if you can actually see the ads.. maybe something interesting will show up, eh? 🙂

If you have any other ideas on how I can monetize the site, please share! Let’s all help each other.

Much love and appreciation,

Ronnie <3

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