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My Lip Stuff Review & Giveaway – Win 6 Lip Balms!

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I live in very high altitude (4000 meters above sea level – 13, 232 feet above sea level) and although I do enjoy the lack of oxygen and the thin air, my lips do suffer from it.  They’re are constantly getting chapped, cut and damaged and depending on the dryness of the air, it can get pretty painful.  So it’s very important that I have really great lip balm on me at all times. And I’ll apply that lip balm on at least a dozen times in a day so it needs to last and most importantly, moisturize my lips really, really well…

In comes My Lip Stuff – seriously the coolest lip balm store I have ever encountered in my life.

I got three random yummy flavors to review, and part of the fun was not knowing which ones to expect!  I was half-expecting to get one of the funky, weird sounding lip balms like Grasshoper or Cat Pee but Brea from My Lip Stuff sent me a wonderful variety of flavors.  My first thought when I saw them was how much I love the homemade feel and look to them

The first (and my present obsession) is the Raspberry Cheesecake. The smell fits the name perfectly and it glides on so beautifully.  I love how moisturized my lips feel once I place it on and it’s really fun to test these lip balms out and see if the name fits the smell.  It’s really impressive how well they do! (I don’t even want to imagine what the Cat Pee lip balm smells like in that case… yucky!) The other two yummies I got to test & review are Mint Lemonade and Coconut Cream Pie. They’re both delicious! I love the variety in these flavors… each lip balm is extremely different from the other.

The lip balms also have a really nice shine to them. Not too exaggerated, but just enough to add that little bit of sexy shine to lips.   And it’s not heavy at all; it feels really light on the lips!  I hate lip balms that feel kind of dry or ultra waxy on the lips, but My Lip Stuff’s lip balms didn’t feel that way at all.  They get an A+ in my book!

Plus, they have over 500 flavors! (Yes, you read that right, over 500!) That means you can definitely find one that suits you and your fave tastes.


My Lip Stuff’s lip balms are sold at an extremely low price of $2.50 a piece!  Browse their 500 awesome flavors or just ask Brea to surprise you!

You can also check out all their other products – I didn’t try them out but if the quality is as good as that of the lip balms, then they must be great, too.


My Lip Stuff is offering one lucky winner a random 6 pack of flavored lip balms!
(Half the fun is in the surprise & testing out the random, awesome flavors)


That’s it! There’s a bunch of opportunities for you to win this great product! The winner will be picked through a random number generator and will be contacted through e-mail, so make sure to write your e-mail address in the form. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email before a new winner is chosen.  Best of luck to everyone!

Expiration date: June 7, 2010 at 11:59 pm GMT -4


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