Posted on July 12, 2013 under: Jewelry, Reviews & Giveaways, Shopping

Introducing Diamond Lining

I made a very silly mistake a few years ago. When my relationship ended, I had an engagement ring on me and no idea what to do with it.

My former partner told me to keep it, but I made a very conscious decision to give it back.

Part of me returned it because I didn’t want to be attached to an item that caused me heart ache.

But mostly, I had no idea what to do with it. Sell it on eBay?

Take it to a jewelry store and see if they’ll be willing to buy it off me? How much or how little would I have to ask for? I had no idea how much it cost!

I had no answer to these questions, so I returned the ring to my former partner.

Had I known that there’s a company like Diamond Lining out there, today I would be a few thousand dollars richer.

I could have safely and quickly sold them the diamond ring and the problem would have been solved.

It’s upsetting that I only discovered their services now.

Selling diamonds on Diamond Lining is really easy. It’s a free service – all you have to do is fill out information about the ring.

They use the information to evaluate the worth of the diamond, and give you a call to discuss the offer in one business day.

Once you accept their offer, you ship it off on free insurance FedEx shipping. (Yep, they cover the shipping cost!)

And that’s it, once the diamond reaches their offices and they confirm your form submission information is correct, you get your money immediately.

It’s THAT simple.

Within a few days, you can be rid of the ring that gives you heartache and get some money for it instead.

It’s a great way to sell your ring fast, easily and avoid the hassle of pawn shops, eBay scammers or getting much less for the diamond than it’s worth.

Do take into account that the company does everything through a legal process and takes certain issues into consideration such as state laws.

It just emphasizes to me that they have a level of security that I can trust. Plus, they do make fair offers.

My overall review: Diamond Lining offers a fast, secure and needed service for us ladies. If I ever need to sell another diamond again, I know who to contact. I wish I would have known about their company a few years back – I would a little richer!