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Three Ways To Save A Lot Of Money!

With the economy in hardship, people are finding their paychecks are smaller, prices for goods are higher, and that putting money away into savings is harder and harder. Saving money sounds like a great idea and it is a great idea if you can do it. But when you start your mission of saving money, it is often tougher than you initially think.  Bills seem to always pile up, unexpected expenses happen, and before you know it your savings account is dwindling fast.

We’ve compiled some unique ways to save money and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice by cutting back or clipping coupons.

1) Find cheaper health insurance:

Health insurance is usually expensive and can be a big hit on your budget – especially if you have a family to take care of. So, if you’re looking for a way to save money every month and see a big savings at the end of the year, start shopping around for a new health insurance plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for individual health insurance or family health insurance, there are a lot of options out there that can save you money and give you the same amount of coverage and protection. I’ve have had good experiences with Freedom Health Insurance, and recommend them if you’re on the market for affordable & quality health insurance. Just make sure that when you are looking for a more inexpensive option, that you don’t sacrifice your quality of care.  It’s important that you are covered in the event of an emergency and that your policy includes everything that you deem as a “must-have.”

In addition, make sure that you stay healthy by eating well, exercising, and keeping current on regular doctor visits and checkups. If you’re healthy, you won’t need to tap into the resources of your health care plan as often as you would if you were sick or unhealthy all the time.

2) Shop quickly with a list: 

If you’ve made the decision to stop eating out at restaurants so much, then you’ll need to factor in how much you can spend for groceries per month and stick to it.  But when you walk into the store, there are multiple displays that are meant to catch your eye and cause you to buy on impulse.  So instead, shop at times when you know you’re in a hurry.  Do you have only 20 minutes before you have to pick up the kids from school?  Maybe you’re on your lunch hour from work and know you have to be back in a short time.  Grab your watch and start shopping. The shorter amount of time you have, the greater chance you have to stick to your list, while getting in and out of there without extras that weren’t on your list.

3) Make as much as you can! 

Things like laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, or other cleaning supplies all cost a lot and can really cut into your grocery allowance each month.  There are recipes everywhere online for these items, and can be a big savings once you make them in bulk.  In addition, instead of buying beer and wine at the stores, which are marked up significantly for profit, brewing and bottling your own alcoholic beverages is easier and more inexpensive than you might think – and it’s fun!

Saving money is a smart thing to do – it gives you a cushion in case something unexpected happens and it teaches your children the value of saving, rather than continually spending.  In addition, saving for things like vacations, college educations, or retirement are also important parts of managing your money wisely.

Ready, set, save!