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Why do YOU shop online?

I love to shop online. It was actually the sole reason why I got a credit card in the first place. When I finally had that beautiful piece of plastic in my hands, I went straight to an e-commerce store and bought a bunch of goodies.  Nowadays, I always prefer to buy online as opposed to brick and mortar stores.

Why, you ask, do I prefer to buy online? Well, let me count the ways!

1) I can find better prices

I’m very strategic about my purchases in general. I always want to save money and find the best deals. The beauty of online shopping is that I can easily search for coupon & discounts in Google. If my purchase isn’t urgent, I can also take my time to wait for items to go on sale. I use comparison shopping websites to make sure I’m buying at the best price possible, even for my supermarket shopping!

2) I can buy products from abroad

Sometimes, there’s amazing products out there that haven’t managed to make their way to my area. But with all the worldwide shipping options that e-commerce stores offer, that’s no longer a problem. I can have it all shipped directly to me, and I’ve never actually had to pay for the shipping!

3) Savings on gas and time

Gas is so expensive here, and I can’t afford to waste it. Parking alone can take me ten minutes while I try to find an open spot. Then, I spin around all over the supermarket or store trying to figure out what I want, only to purchase even more than I had intended & then spend 20+ minutes waiting in line at the cash register! Not only does it take a heavier toll on my pocket, it takes my valuable time away. Since I switched to online shopping, I have saved so much time & gas money. (And I don’t have as many snack items lying around at home)

4) I love the hours

E-commerce stores are open 24-7. You know when my supermarket is open? Up until I arrive home from work. That’s no good! I used to leave work early or wake up early on my days off so I could make it on time to the supermarket. No more! I can just get everything delivered comfortably.

I shared the reasons why I shop online. How about you – why do you shop online? Share below!