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How important is SEO to giveaway blogs?

10 months ago, I knew nothing about SEO. That was before I took a job at a marketing company. With their training and my desire to learn, I was able to evaluate International Giveaways and realize that my SEO was just not up to speed!

I worked hard on improving the SEO of my blog – I switched to WordPress, installed great plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast, learned about nofollow/dofollow and tons of SEO jargon, and lo and behold, my metrics improved! And happy days, because along with that  came:

  • more followers!
  • more click-through from search engines
  • more views
  • more giveaway and review offers

So, do we, as giveaway bloggers, need SEO?

YES. Let me share the ways!

  • Search engines will better understand your site – that means you can potentially rise in search engine results!
  • What makes your giveaway site stand out from all the rest? The better your SEO, the more attractive your site may look to users as they go through search results.
  • Companies are more likely to find you. Better SEO = better rankings in search which means that more companies may find your site. Companies also prefer to give the very best review/giveaway items to sites with great metrics. I wouldn’t complain about getting more review items and giveaways, would you? 🙂
  • Money, money, money! Your metrics go up, your PR goes up, and all of a sudden monetary offers pour in. Just take a look at the infographic. 92% of SEO peeps say content creation works. Content creations equals you making money for publishing content and reviews from interested companies.