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TuneCore Amazing Revenue for Q4 (Infographic)

As if we haven’t already been impressed by TuneCore, we just checked out this infographic and were amazed by the revenue potential TuneCore offers it’s musicians. The crazy thing is that any musician can join TuneCore and work towards success with their partnership. Just look at the numbers – 10.6 billion downloads and streams since 2006, accompanied by a $471.5 million dollars in artists’ revenue – staggering numbers!

In the past quarter alone (aka past 3 months), TuneCore artists have amassed a total of $32.7 million in revenue. That’s because TuneCore helps artists get their music out there, gain new fans, and make royalties with placement of their music in TV, commercials, film and more.

Are you a musician looking to be successful in your career? Don’t wait any longer – check out what TuneCore can do for you and be part of those revenue numbers!

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