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I’m so excited!  I just won a really great giveaway from TLC Inspirations! They’re letting me pick anything from their Etsy store and after perusing their store, I’m really baffled as to which awesome item I’ll pick.  I’m leaning towards this stunning Black Fashion Scarf but I’ll have to ask my mom for a second opinion (and of course, I would love to hear any suggestions from any of you!)

For the record, this is the second giveaway I’ve won! The first was some really cute cell phone charms from Ladies’ Gadgets and its how I discovered the awesome world of giveaways & Etsy.  I really enjoy seeing stores, unique items and being part of spreading the word about the shops.  Obviously, on the rare occasions that I’m lucky enough to win something, that’s super cool, too.

That being said, I’m quickly discovering that there are actually a lot more giveaways open worldwide than I ever expected, and its becoming quite overwhelming to keep track of them and post them all.  Add work, gym, and driving lessons to that and updating the blog is getting tough!  So please do excuse me for tonight… I’ll try to post everything I missed tomorrow

Also, soon I’ll be changing the layout of the site and making it more user-friendly.  The blog has been open and running for almost two weeks now so I can already see clearly what needs to change for all reader’s (and my) sake.

Lots of exciting changes!

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Yay! The first post ever.

Hopefully this blog will build up to be more concise, widget-filled, and connected to other giveaway blogs out there, but we have to start somewhere, right?  And this seems like a good first step. If this blog works out and people are interested in and looking for a site that centralizes international giveaways I’m sure this blog will grow to fit all needs!

If you happen to bump into the site, please do follow it with Google Friend Connect (left sidebar) or comment so I know that there is interest for this sort of thing… I really do want to help international peeps out there find quality giveaways and have an opportunity to win something great!  (By international I mean outside the US and Canada, which most giveaways are limited to).

On the other hand, I also want to help international businesspeople out there, so if you happen to have a store or items that you would like to promote to people all over the world, please do get in touch with me. We can work something out and host a great giveaway, including a review of your items by me!

I’ll have a contact page up soon, but for now a simple comment will have to do!

Thanks everyone, lets hope this works out and remember to follow me if you want to hear of all the giveaways going on!

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