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How to Sell your Car Online for the Best Deal

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So you’re looking to sell your car and get the best deal, all without the headache it usually entails.

The process of selling can seem daunting, but thanks to online sites that specialize in buying and selling, it’s become a far easier and straight-forward process.

Let’s take a look at how Cars.com can help you sell your car easily and for a great price.

1) Get an estimate

Before putting your car up for sale, you need to properly value your car so the sale price is fair and pragmatic.

Car pricing guides are a must in order to value your car.

By using a car pricing guide, you can discover your car’s resale value based on numerous factors such as the vehicle’s make, exterior color, mileage and zip code.

Additionally, the easy search options in Cars.com allows you to simply input your license plate, which cuts the process down.

2) Do a market price comparison

Price comparison tools are usually used for buying cars, but they also happen to be a handy tool for sellers as well.

With a quick search, you can check what your model is going for in the market and even check pricing based on location, such as in your city or state.

This should give you a better idea of how to price your car correctly based on real prices in the buying and selling market.

Take a look at Car.com’s price comparison tool to help value your car.

3) Sell directly to a dealer

Selling to a dealer can make the selling process a lot simpler.

There’s no price haggling, no concerns about being scammed by individuals and the process can all be done online. It’s hassle-free.

The handiest part of the online process is that the offer goes out to numerous dealers. They can then pitch a competitive offer.

There is no forced commitment on your end – if you don’t like the offers, you can reject them and choose a different selling route.

4) Trade-in for a different car

We swear by trade-ins in our family. Sure, we could take a path of selling our current car and buying a new car separately.

However, trading-in is a far simpler process without the hassle of going back-and-forth with a separate buyer.

This also removes waiting gaps between selling and buying. In our experience, we traded-in a car with a dealer and had our new car in our parking lot a few days later.

Meanwhile, the dealer provided us with a free temporary car to suit our transportation needs.

We got a great deal in the trade-in and saved ourselves the stress of selling. In my book, it’s worth it!

5) Classified ads

There are numerous options for publishing classified ads: you can go the old-school route and publish on local papers or you can conveniently publish the ad online.

Cars.com makes it easy to publish your ad online so users looking to buy can find it.

As you can see in the example above, you can add photos, information about the car, your contact information and more details.

Their packages range from completely free to premium packages at only $49 for about 5 months.

They also have some great tips to create a successful listing, so make sure to review them to sell quickly at your asking price.

Any extra tips to share? Let us know below!