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Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote a personal update here. I’ve noticed that the amount of giveaways open worldwide is expanding like crazy!! I’m getting to the point where I’m posting 50+ posts each time around… (quite a workout!)

I made a small update to the site which I think you’re all going to get great use of.  From now on, you have the ability to see giveaways by their expiration dates! Just click on the specific date you want to see (right sidebar -> “Expiring on”) and magic! you’ll see the giveaways that are expiring on that date. This brilliant idea came from Debbie from Debbie’s Fiberwork who suggested it to me. Thanks Debbie!

So hurry up and press the 01/11/19 now so you can still have a chance to participate in all the giveaways that expire tomorrow!

Good luck. 🙂 Win, win, win!


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I’ve been overdoing myself lately… either that OR there are continuously more giveaways being open worldwide OR I’ve gotten better at finding them. :o)

A total of 55 giveaways posted just today! I haven’t even had the chance to participate in any of them yet.  I’ll give you all a chance to catch up on all of these before I post more.

Can you believe these many giveaways are open globally? Who would have thought!

Time to win ’em! :o)


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After much stalling, I finally added a blog button! Yay!

I would really appreciate if anyone decides to post the button on their site so news spreads… all it requires is a simple copy/paste of the code and you are done. Don’t forget, the more people who are pushing for internationally open giveaways, the more worldwide giveaways there will be!  So it’s a win-win situation. 🙂

Also, I’m opening myself up to hosting giveaways now.  If you have an Etsy store, a personal business, a company, anything at all that you want to promote globally through a giveaway please keep me in mind!  The form is easy to fill out and there’s more info about how the giveaway will work by clicking on the header button “Create a GA”.

I’ll be running a giveaway myself soon in appreciation for all you awesome Google Friend & RSS followers (way over 100 by now in only one month and a week of this site’s existence!) and I’m already on the works to hosting my first giveaway with a great company. :o)

Love you all & good luck catching up with all the giveaways I posted yesterday!


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Things have gotten much better around here… the rain stopped so the river is no longer overflowing and I can put away the buckets.

So I posted a ton of giveaways today. :o) Hopefully more to come tomorrow!

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!


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Hi everyone,

I just posted a few giveaways which are expiring tomorrow… Things have gotten better here so I’ll probably post a new bunch of giveaways tomorrow. Also, I’m getting ready to host giveaways myself so stay tuned for that. 🙂

Thanks for all the nice, supportive messages!



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