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Thank you for your interest in advertising your store and products on International Giveaways. We love reviews & giveaways and work hard to make sure yours are successful!

Review policy:

  • We review only family-friendly products and reserve the right to refuse a review.
  • Products sent for review will not be returned.
  • We are happy to accommodate publishing of the review for a particular date but please take into account that it may take some time until the product is received and reviewed.
  • There is a minimum product value required of $50. If a product is worth less, we can work out an arrangement.
  • All reviews will include a disclosure specifying that products were received in exchange for the review.
  • No sample-sized or trial products will be accepted for review. Full-sized products are required for an adequate and thorough review.
  • We are not responsible for any shipping or duty costs of shipping or receiving. If we are charged for duty and/or import tax, we will require the providing company to return the cost through Payoneer or Paypal (inclusive of the fee charged by Paypal).
  • A direct link to the review will be sent when it goes live.
  • Please consider providing a discount or coupon code for followers of the blog.
  • If after reviewing your product, we don’t believe that we could legitimately write a positive review, you will be granted the option to cancel the review from being publishing. However, products will not be returned.
  • International Giveaways has the right to not post a review if the terms described above have not been met.

Etsy or other handmade product stores are more than welcome to pitch for a review on the blog, provided that they have good quality and attractive products.

Let’s work together to advertise your products! 🙂

If you’re interested in a review, please reach out to