Prom Season is Coming!

Posted on Mar 11 2016 - 10:39pm by Ronnie E.

My youngest sister is in her junior year of school which means that this year, she’s attending the prom party.

Putting aside the fact that I feel incredibly old now that she’s 17 (unbelievable how quickly she went from being a sweet, little baby to a feisty teenager), I’m really happy for her and everything she’s achieved in her junior year. She deserves a party!

This prom is supposed to be epic – the hall they reserved is gorgeous (and expensive) and the juniors are actually arranging the entire party. So of course, she will need a beautiful dress to wear to the prom. 🙂

That’s where I come in: I’ve promised that I will help her find the most gorgeous prom dress for her junior-year prom.

Here are a few gorgeous ones I picked out from I think they have a great selection of prom dresses, especially now that the season is near, and their prom dresses are on discount.

Ideally, she wants a sweetheart neckline, with a belt-type divider and puffy material on the bottom. Her ideal colors are pink and black, but she’s open to other colors.

Here are the ones I found that match what she’s looking for:

Prom Season is Coming!3 Prom Season is Coming! Prom Season is Coming!2


I’d love your input! What do you think of the dresses?