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Sponsor Appreciation: The Topless Undershirt

I really love the look of layered t-shirts but I don’t like wearing more than one t-shirt at a time. It’s bulky and uncomfortable, especially in the summer.  But here is a great solution to that:

The Topless Undershirt!

It’s a very easy-to-wear undershirt that gives the impression of layering while not adding extra bulk or having to wear more than one shirt.  Plus, it adds a a fashionable splash of color to any outfit!

What I love about this undershirt is that it won’t ride up – it stays fit and in place.  And due to the lack of straps, you can adjust it to any length you choose. Super cute and fashionable!

The Topless Undershirt is available in 4 different colors including the stylish black, white, brown and their new option – mocha!  Small, medium and large sizes are available (size 0-22+) so everyone can find an undershirt that works for them. They’re made of a blend of polyester, rayon and spandex which won’t shrink like cotton does.  The fabric is soft and stretchable and will acclimate to your body.

The undershirts are great for maternity as well, so you can put on your t-shirt and cover up the rest of your tummy with your new Topless Undershirt underneath it.  It really does look great this way and your undershirt will stretch as you grow!


Interested in purchasing their great product?  They have a wonderful variety of sizes and colors – plus, they’re perfect for pregnancy! Browse through The Topless Undershirt’s online store to make a purchase and take a look at their wonderful selection!

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