Posted on October 23, 2016 under: Fashion, Reviews & Giveaways

Dress First: Picking a Stunning Dress

My sister’s birthday is coming up, and she recently complained about not having enough dresses for her friends’ weddings. It’s a problem I have as well – so many weddings, so few outfits.  So for her birthday, I’ve decided to spoil her with a gorgeous dress that she can wear out to a variety of events and parties. She’s easy to shop for because she used to be a model, so dresses usually fit her perfectly.

My latest find is Dress First, which is the first online clothes site that I’ve encountered which offers only dresses and wedding accessories to match – nothing else. I love the strong focus on dresses, since it’s the only piece I’m interested in buying… I don’t want my eye to get distracted by other goodies.

The site is very well organized, so I knew to head straight where I’m interested: special occasion dresses. They have a beautiful array of sexy and elegant dresses! I see a few that would look spectacular on my mom as well, a few for my little sister, and why not pick one out for myself, too? Oh right, must.. control.. myself..

Looking around the site is easy and user friendly – the pictures are stunning. The dresses are even more amazing, and the colors – wow. Plus, free shipping?! Shipping to my sis is usually a big expense, so I love that it’s free.  I’m going to take advantage of their current discounts, as well.

So I’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 dresses that would look amazing on my sister. I would love if you could help me choose one of these beauties!


CHOICE #1 – Empire Halter Chiffon Evening Dress

Empire Dress


CHOICE # 2 – Empire Sweetheart Chiffon Prom Dress

Dress #2


CHOICE #3 – Mermaid Strapless Taffeta Evening Dress

Choice #3


Which is your favorite? Please help me decide!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.