Posted on February 27, 2015 under: Reviews & Giveaways

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Giveaway

Follow these easy tips and you’ll be sure to win more prizes!
  1. Obviously, enter as many times as you can! Do as many of the additional entry options as possible, and make sure you follow directions on how to post them.
  2. If you are asked to post a separate comment for each entry, then don’t post only one entry summarizing everything you did.  A lot of giveaway hosts use and it would be a shame that you just turned your 14 entries into only 1!
  3. Get a Twitter, Facebook and Etsy account, get a blog if you would like, and join any other social media websites that may give you the chance to get more entries in giveaways.  Do try to get followers for all of these because not all giveaway hosts are happy to provide extra entries for blogs/accounts which have no audience.  I also started with zero followers, so it takes time to build a following but it’s not impossible.
  4. Be honest when answering the mandatory or additional entries.  If they ask that you go to a store and pick out a favorite item, don’t just post any random item in order to enter.  Really look at the store and help the owner figure out which items are most popular in his/her shop.  Also, keep into account that not all giveaways pick a random number. Some actually pick a giveaway winner based on their answers.  I’ve actually won one or two of those already. So honesty can help you win!
  5. Make sure you leave contact information in all your entries! You might win and never find out about it because you left no way for the giveaway host to contact you.  Most likely, another winner will be picked in that case.  Also, I’ve heard that some giveaway hosts won’t bother to hunt for your e-mail address if it’s posted on only one comment.  So cover your bases and leave your e-mail address in each entry comment you post.
  6. CHECK YOUR E-MAIL OFTEN! Giveaway hosts tend to give a certain amount of time for winners to contact them.  It ranges from 24 hours to a few days.  If you don’t check your e-mail, you might lose your prize.
  7. Are there multiple giveaways available on the blog? Enter them! A lot of giveaway hosts give you extra entries for entering their other giveaways.
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