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Hi everyone,

We’ve had some crazy rain these past few days and my city has flooded… including my street since I live right next to a river and it overflew!  The danger level has been set to orange, which is the second highest.  The next danger level is when the city has fully flooded and we require international aid & may have to leave the city, so we’re hoping that won’t happen!

It might take a few more days for me to be re-posting, at least until stuff gets sorted out here and we’re no longer swimming in river water. Yucky!

These pics are from right outside my house… you can click on them to see the bigger version.  The whole thing has been insane and we’re trying to keep that icky water away from the house but the river keeps overflowing more and more as it rains harder. Look at the force of that river in the second pic!!  It used to be a sad, thin stream.  I think I’ll try to add a video later on.

With love.. the still partly dry

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A miracle has happened: I finally fixed all the little bugs in the new layout!  It’s now installed and I have not one, but TWO wonderful sidebars so I can place more widgets. Yay!

Today’s list was limited because I’m feeling a little ill (I blame going out until 4:30 am for that – I’m too old for that craziness!)

BUT with the new layout, getting in touch with me is now super easy! Just click on the relevant button in the header and  magic, a form appears.  Fill it out and I’ll get your message.  No need to go through the annoying tasks of copying my e-mail, logging in to your email, and only then sending me a message. (I still haven’t written the winning tips though).

Aside from that, I am welcome to opinions, criticism, praise, etc.  Is the layout looking okay in your screen? Are the colors easy to read? All your input will help. :o)

More giveaways will be posted tomorrow when I gain back some of my strength!


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Boo, today’s giveaway list was a bit limited…

I went through a ton of giveaways today and found that the majority of them didn’t indicate anything about where they were open to… So I just assumed that they weren’t open worldwide and ignored them.  Wouldn’t it be such a bummer to win one of those giveaways and then have the prize be taken away from you?? Better safe than sorry, I say.. so those giveaways are put in my ignore bin.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to e-mail each giveaway host separately and ask them if they’re open to international participants… I’ve done it in the past, quite constantly actually but there comes a point where I can’t send 25 e-mails in one day, keep track of the responses, and then post relevant giveaways.  I’ve decided to only do that when the giveaway is really great.

It’s such a shame because it means that they lose out on potential viewers/followers/clients and of course, we miss out on participating!

Let’s hope that we can show them a strong presence and convince them to start opening up their giveaways worldwide or at least letting us know up-front whether its relevant to us. 😉

Here’s hoping!




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Phew! I think today was the most amount of giveaways I’ve ever posted in one day – 33 altogether!  I hope ya’ll appreciate my efforts. :o)

So the site has been open for a mere 2.5 weeks and I’m already seeing a huge pick up on speed… more followers on Google friends, quite a few more followers through rss feeds, and the amount of visitors per day are really picking up.  I’m seeing visitors extending all continents and over 45 countries already.. that’s great news!

We’re becoming a bigger community and more of us are participating in giveaways, which hopefully means that more people will open their giveaways internationally to take advantage of a huge potential client base.

I’m also seeing a huge increase in the amount of giveaways which are open internationally… 33 posts in one day speaks for itself! I was overwhelmed by the amount of posts I had to go through today.  Let’s hope this trend keeps up…

On another note, I’m still working on changing the layout (darned be the coding! – I’m learning as I work).

AND I won two other giveaways this week!  That makes it three giveaways altogether + one awesome blogger who is sending me a small gift for participating in her giveaway.

These are the  awesome giveaways that I won:

1) A bow + bow holder from Beaux Girls

2) Nourishment Treatment Oil from Dr. Alkaitis

3) A scarf from Inspire Wire

4) Little “thank you” gift from Street Noodles

Have you won any giveaways posted in this blog? I would love to hear about it. You can e-mail me to
internationalgiveaways[at]gmail[dot]com or post a comment here.. whatever suits you. 🙂


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Hi everyone!

I’m working on a small re-modeling of the site to make it more user friendly, so please have some patience as I work hard to code and change the graphics and layout. I’ll be posting new giveaways soon, hopefully along with the new layout.  (I’m still keeping track of all of them, none of them expire today so we have time!)

If you have any suggestions on improvements, now’s the time to comment!


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