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My sister has finally reached that point of graduation!! To think that I did so a full 11 years ago… it feels like yesterday really. 😀 In honor of this epic moment, I decided that I will get a present to symbolize her graduation and her transition towards adulthood. May she remember her teenage years with joy!


Give the new grad a break from school responsibilities for a while and let him or her bask in the glory of finishing school. Whether it’s high school, college or university, a fresh graduate deserves a treat from you. Aside from a lunch or dinner treat, you can get the fresh grad discount designer fragrances, a new gadget and three other gift ideas.


1. Discount Designer Fragrances

5 Gift Ideas for the Newly-Grad (In honor of my sis!)1

This one is her fave!

The easiest way to please a new graduate is to give him or her a designer fragrance. Wrapping such fragrance as a present brings a special feeling. It also means the person graduates from the usual generic colognes found in drugstores. There’s a sense of maturity in wearing a designer fragrance and gives the wearer a status symbol as well. You can find designer brands at For discounts, use Beauty Encounter codes and join their contests for a chance to score $100 value eGift Card.


2. New Gadget

Is there such a thing as a pink iPhone? She would love that I’m sure.

If you have a child or sibling who just graduated high school and has been begging you to buy him or her a new iPhone, now’s the time to do so. Some parents are lenient towards their kids, giving whatever the kids ask. Other parents who are more of the disciplinarian would prefer a balance of responsibility and reward. If you think it’s high time for a reward, a graduation gift concerning gadgets would be one awesome gift.

3. Dollar Bills or a Credit Card

It's a dangerous gift! :)

It’s a dangerous gift! 🙂 (Image courtesy of

The best way to cheer up a new grad is to give him or her money (seriously). If you’re that generous, you can put 5 $100 dollar bills in an envelope. If you’re creative enough, you can roll a bunch of bills of different denominations, tie them with a rubber band or ribbon and put them in a box. Giving the new grad some money will give him or her a sort of responsibility whether to spend all the money, save some or save them all.

4. Room Makeover

When your son or daughter becomes a young adult, he or she would want to have some privacy. When your child is sharing a room with another sibling, a great graduation gift would be to grant a separate room. This isn’t just an ordinary bedroom by the way. This can be THE perfect place. Game consoles, a home movie-theatre system, maybe a hammock or a surfboard creatively plastered across his room would be his dream come true. What would be a girl’s dream? A walk-in closet.

5. Travel Experience

5 Gift Ideas for the Newly-Grad (In honor of my sis!)4

Go lil’ one! Explore the world. *snif snif*

Whether you’re joining the newly-grad on a trip or if it’s a life-changing experience you want him or her to engage in, a travel experience is one luxurious treat that will widen one’s horizon. A first-hand experience of the world’s different cultures can come as a shock but it’s a priceless experience for the newly-grad. Grant him or her a luxurious two-week trip to Europe or an adventure backpacking escapade to Asia. Nowadays, young people aren’t just measured in their education and formal achievements but more often, they’re measured based on life experiences and strengths.

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I have a wonderful boyfriend – he’s caring, loving, dedicated, selfless and sweet. It’s the first relationship I’ve had where I feel completely secure in his arms and sense his undying love. We can all be in the rut of routine and exhaustion and it’s easy to fall into a trap of not showing enough love to your partner. But every once in a while, it’s important to wake up from the somber routine, appreciate your other-half, and give them a token of your love.

You know what this is? Freakin' Versailles Palace in France. For my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a one-week trip to France! This man deserves a gift!

You know what this is? Freakin’ Versailles Palace in France. For my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a one-week trip to France! This man deserves a gift!

I’ve compiled a list of great boyfriend gift ideas in the hopes that I figure out what to get that special man in my life. I’d love your input – whether it’s to comment on any of my ideas below, or to suggest a different gift.

1) Invest in a gorgeous watch

So much macho vibe in one watch!

So much macho vibe in one watch!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about men, it’s their love for a stunning, manly watch. Not only is it a symbol of power (there’s definitely some sex appeal to it, huh?), but they’re drawn to the complicated engineering behind its creation. If budget is no object, consider buying a stunning Rolex watch for your partner to show your gratitude. If you really want to impress him, find the antique Rolex designs. They are limited stock, special and unique – the equivalent of diamond gifts for women. If that’s what you’re aiming for, read about Kalmar Antiques as they have a gorgeous variety in stock and can be trusted with the purchase.

2) Tech gadgets are always winners

Showing Appreciation to Your Boyfriend with a Gift3

Men like their gadgets – massive TV screens, cameras, the latest cellphone, and anything that sparks their particular interest. Sure, they can be expensive, but imagine the joy on their face when they finally get that one gadget they were dreaming of. The good thing is – gadgets are usually easily available for purchase online or in stores. The bad – depending on what you buy, it can be pricey or outdated within a few months! Yep, that iPhone 5 gift is great… until the iPhone 6 is out.

3) Spoil the geek in him

Showing Appreciation to Your Boyfriend with a Gift4
Warning: he may propose to you if you give him this

I confess that I only date the geekiest of men… either they are obsessed with super heroes, videogames, Star Trek, or anything of the like. For example, not once have I dated a man who wasn’t absolutely in love with the Star Wars franchise – maybe it’s a dude thing worldwide? You can’t lose when giving them a cool gift that touches the heart of their internal geek… maybe light saber chop sticks? A League of Legends hoodie?  A signed Batman poster? There’s a complete overflow of products out there for any and all types of geeks and their obsessions.

4) DIY is heartfelt

So far, all the gifts I gave my boyfriend are DIYs… last year for his birthday, I ran a campaign/giveaway on his Youtube and got him almost 1000 new subscribers. It’s embedded below if you want to see me completely embarrass myself… eek! Other awesome ideas are making special love coupons, a Zombie gift kit, something with framed pictures, etc. Snappy Pixels has compiled 21 awesome ideas if you want to be inspired.

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As a kid, my mom used to go to every single show and holiday concert that my school arranged. By the time we 5 kids finished school, we had hundreds of VHS tapes stored in the living room. It was taking up a lot of space and by then, who really had a VHS player at home? No one! It was already an outdated piece of technological history… we couldn’t even watch the videos.

So, we did the smart thing and decide to preserve the VHS tapes into digital form. The hundreds of tapes translated into only 24 DVDs, all of which were neatly labeled and stored. Now these we could watch easily, and we did many times! We had a really good time remembering the good old days.

If you also have tapes, films, photos and audio that you want to store digitally, there’s an easy and an inexpensive way to do it. Check out Southtree, who are one of the best providers of this service. They will do all the work for you and restore all your keepsakes in digital form. Imagine what a wonderful gift it could be for mom!

They are now offering a discount of 25% off any order by using the code: blog25. You only have until July 15, 2014 so hurry!


Check out Southtree here.

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.

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I love to give thoughtful, beautiful and luxurious gifts to my loved ones, especially those that show my appreciation for them. The problem with this, is finding gifts that are a perfect combination of luxury but at an affordable price. Usually, it’s difficult to find pieces that are fairly priced and yet of such high quality, that they will leave the receivers of the gift impressed. : )

This is why I love the look of the gorgeous items from It’s obvious that they are of very high quality, detail and exquisite use of glass for decorative purposes. They are such great pieces for a wedding or a business gift – sure to leave the receivers very happy with their new and elegant decorations.

If you’re also on the lookout for a beautiful crystal and glass drink ware, gifts and home accessories, check out Waterford’s Giftology Collection.  It won’t disappoint!

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.

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If you’re anything like me, you want to save money. But I don’t just save money – I make it an art form! I pre-plan my purchases every year so I can buy only when items are at their cheapest.  Spring is a great month to save on fall and winter-related products. Winter stock in particular is being sold for ultra-cheap: stores want to rid themselves of their seasonal goods.

Are you looking to save as well? Here is my list of my off-season purchases for spring:

1) Christmas stuff

April is the best time of the year to buy your Christmas decorations, lights and miscellaneous bits and pieces. Why? It’s simple economics! Demand is down, so prices go down. Christmas-related companies are selling their stock cheap, and it’s a smart time to take advantage of their sales. The specialty stores are the place to go: for example, has a 40% discount. Heck, you know what you need already, you don’t need to wait until the Xmas rush and high prices to buy it.

2) Presents for all the kids

Have you ever made a gift closet? If not, you really need to. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, it’s a great way to stock up on all the presents you need for the rest of the year. This is especially true if you have kids of your own who also have dozens of friends’ birthday parties to go to. Why spend heaps of cash and time on last-minute purchases? Stock up on gifts now when prices are low and stores are trying to rid themselves of what’s left-over of Christmas stock.

3) eBay becomes more active

eBay is wonderful post-winter. Everything that was gifted in Christmas, but not desired, will be up for grabs for cheap! Enough time has passed that the receivers of the gift will no longer feel guilty, or they may lose desire or use for the product. This winter hit hard, so shipments and selling was limited… no one wanted to walk to the post office in such extreme conditions. But now that the weather has warmed up, the goods are up for grabs!

4) Non-spring clothes and shoes

Anytime the season is changing, stores will provide sales and discounts on their product in order to make room for the new seasonal trends. March and April is the moment when I go to stores and check out what they offer from their Winter stock. I get all the necessary goodies that I need for the winter – jackets, heavy coats, boots, and sweaters. I’ve gotten insane discounts at times, even paying 10% of the original price. The trick is to avoid the overly trendy clothes and shoes: pink and black dots may have been on trend this past season, but they may be untrendy a year from now!

Do you buy seasonal products off-season? Tell us below!

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