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I’m in the midst of making changes to the site – adding new pages, changing formats, etc,. so please ignore all the strange posts I’ve been putting up lately. :o)



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I created a Facebook page for International Giveaways!

Please “like” it or follow through networked blogs so we can all chat there and so I don’t feel silly being the only personed who ‘liked’ the page.  :o)

I set it so it posts all new giveaways I post here and of course, if you want to give me suggestions, tell me about something that’s not working right, or just plain write to me… it’s the best place to do it!

Here is the direct link to the page:

There are also widgets set-up on the homepage sidebar – one for “liking” and the other for Networked Blogs.

Hope to see you guys there!!



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I missed you all and of course the giveaway world!  I’m back and soon things will be functioning on International Giveaways again. 🙂

For now, just a few updates…

1)    I’m changing things around in the site.   I’m not sure yet exactly how or what but I want to try a few new ideas and see how that goes.   That includes organizing monthly giveaways based on themes like a Jewelry theme, etc.

2)    Winners of previous giveaways will be announced shortly.  Sorry about that!

3)    For the time being, I won’t list new giveaways being hosted elsewhere.

Any suggestions/comments are appreciated, so please do feel free to post.
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Hi everyone!!

I just want to write a very quick post to say hello to everyone and update you on the current situation as it stands. :o)

So, I AM back from my vacation.  However, because I left for so long, during that time a few things came up in my life and I really can’t work on the website for now…

That means that I need to prioritize and handle a few other important issues.  And, I may be taking another trip soon because of it…

I promise I’ll be back and working on the website as soon as possible!

Much love to all of you,


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Hi everyone!

This is a short apology post…

It so happens that I have had a super busy 2 weeks and my volunteers have as well.. that is why there is a lack of giveaway posts (although I have made sure to post submissions as they come in).

As far as the giveaways hosted here -specifically Snorg Tees & Trading Phrases – I still need to verify the entries, pick random winners, contact them and publish the results! (I know, I know.. I suck at doing this on time but in my defense I haven’t had any free time in the past 2 weeks and I’m going a little crazy…)

So all will be done as soon as the time for it shows up!

That being said, I could really use more volunteers to help out! In exchange, I’ll place your button in the footer under “Awesome Volunteers”.  Your banner will show up on EVERY PAGE of International Giveaways!

Are you interested in helping me out? Then please click here and let me know!




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