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Thanks everyone for your nice comments. :o)

It’s Carnaval here now which means I need to party, peeps!!

So I’ll be gone until at the very minimum Saturday or Sunday afternoon, depending on which parties I decide to go to.

I can’t promise I’ll come back fully conscious.. I’m too old for so much partying and it tires me out. So maybe expect a half-running Ronit. We’ll see how it goes.. 🙂

Also, it’s your chance to catch up on the gajillion giveaways I have been posting lately.

Good luck!!!


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I’ve been featured!! And convinced by my mom & sisters to put a bad picture of myself waaaa! :o(

Ladybugs and Tonka Trucks (which is one of my fave giveaway sites) started a new Featured Blogger section, and to start it off they featured me.

Yay! Very exciting.. I love being interviewed.

Click here to read the feature!

Much love,


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I’m stuck at home for the night because the river overflooded. :oI My dancing plans were ruined (after I did my hair, makeup and picked an outfit! GRRR) so to kill time I decided to post all giveaways I had been procrastinating on.  Phew! What a massive amount of work.. I think I might take a long break now from the trauma..

Today, I posted a total of 115 giveaways!!!!!

Remember the days when I used to complain about posting 35?? Boy, those were the days!

I think I’m coming quickly to the realization that I will need volunteers to help me handle the work load.  There are just more internationally open giveaways out there by the day and I’m only one person. :o(

Anyway, to all those new followers out there, welcome to the site and I hope you get great use of it! I love comments and feedback so please do send me a shout out or a nice e-mail or comment. It keeps me going when I’m at that 65th post of the day.

Also, don’t forget to enter the awesome giveaway I’m hosting for ASA Designs.  My followers get more entries than everyone else!!

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How did I miss this?? I was interviewed a while back by Feli Kiwi’s Emag and failed to notice that she put up the interview on her site!

So if you are interested in learning a little about me and the site’s history, head on to Feli Kiwi’s site and scroll down to about the middle of the page.  She titled it “My Interview w/ Today’s Hottest Blog Master!” Awww, makes me blush. :o)

Link to Interview

I’ll be sponsoring a giveaway of hers soon (I’m patiently waiting for customs to go through all my mail  – grrr they take so long!!)



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Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote a personal update here. I’ve noticed that the amount of giveaways open worldwide is expanding like crazy!! I’m getting to the point where I’m posting 50+ posts each time around… (quite a workout!)

I made a small update to the site which I think you’re all going to get great use of.  From now on, you have the ability to see giveaways by their expiration dates! Just click on the specific date you want to see (right sidebar -> “Expiring on”) and magic! you’ll see the giveaways that are expiring on that date. This brilliant idea came from Debbie from Debbie’s Fiberwork who suggested it to me. Thanks Debbie!

So hurry up and press the 01/11/19 now so you can still have a chance to participate in all the giveaways that expire tomorrow!

Good luck. 🙂 Win, win, win!


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