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We have 3 winners for the big Nava giveaway!!!

Congratulations goes to:

  • Sandra B. from the US
  • Tiana B. from Italy
  • Kimberly from the US

The three of you will soon be receiving this great prize in the mail. Those of you who didn’t win, fret not! You can still participate in their other giveaways or buy your Nava here for the discounted price of £49.99 by using the code: ig_supersaver


Nava is offering three lucky winners one of their newest Nava hair straighteners. Each hair straightener sells for £79.99 ($125) but you can win it for absolutely free!  To participate in the giveaway, just subscribe to their mailing list and that’s it – you’re in the running for a free hair straightener. Plus, once subscribed, you can also participate in their future competitions and giveaways!

If you want to see the straightening power of the Nava, just check out the reviews here, here and here. Nava’s hair straightener are high quality, beautiful, and keep your hair healthy & strong.

Prizes: 3 winners will each receive a Nava Hair Straightener
Giveaway expires Dec. 2 and is open to all worldwide!

Hosted by International Giveaways, Home Life Abroad and All the Frugal Ladies.

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My hair has always been the thing I tackle with the most before going out. Choosing outfits, putting on make-up—I always manage to get those done fairly quickly. With my hair, on the other hand, it’s always been a battle. Every product that I’ve used – whether it be hair straighteners, curlers, ect – hasn’t really lived up to my expectations (and the brand’s advertising promises) and would always leave me frustrated at the end.

So you can understand why, when the Nava team first contacted me about trying out their hair straighteners, I was skeptical, to say the least. I was tired of hearing the same promises over and over again only to be disappointed with how things turned out in the end. But, curiosity – and a bad hair day – got the better of me, and I agreed to give it a go.


When I received the package, I was instantly impressed with how feminine and lovely it looks. The box’s colours, pattern, logo and design combine beautifully together. The hair straightener itself is a rich shade of pink and very comfortable to hold. I was surprised and happy to see that I could adjust the temperature from 140F to 450F. I hadn’t seen this feature on previous hair straighteners I’ve owned and it made me feel like Nava actually cares about their consumers and realizes that each girl’s hair is different and unique. It’s also worth mentioning that the Nava team used FAR-Infrared Technology when developing this product, which is a type of heat that doesn’t damage the hair, leaving it gorgeous, healthy and strong.

It’s designed with 100% solid ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly across the iron.


The straightener was very easy to use, and glided down my hair effortlessly. It took me about a half an hour to finish straightening all my hair. I left it a bit wavy at the bottom because I don’t like very straight hair, but that to me is just another one of the advantages to Nava – it works for every type of look you want.


I was very pleased with the result and have received many compliments and inquiries from friends, colleagues and family. It looks like my days of battling it out with my hair are finally over!

Special Price & Discount!

Nava comes with a lifetime warranty with free shipping and handling in the UK. The normal retail price is £99.99, and at the intro price of £79.99, it’s a bargain. However, you can use my Nava Hair Straightener discount code and get them at just £49.99 by typing fl_supersaver at the checkout here!

And for our really lucky readers – on November 11 there will be a big giveaway for Nava Hair Straighteners for 3 lucky ladies!

*Written and reviewed by my friend Dana Torres. Thanks, Dana! Hope you enjoy your Nava. 🙂

Disclaimer: A free product was received for the review. This did not influence the opinion of the writer.

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Prize: 3 high quality hair straighteners worth $135 each. There will be 3 winners, each will receive 1 straightener.

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Giveaway runs from November 11 – December 2.  Open worldwide! 



A lot of mommies take part in our site, and I often see the interest in children’s and baby’s products, especially educational ones. That’s why I really wanted to explain to you guys why Agnitus is a great option, especially if your kids are having difficulty learning.

When we were young, we didn’t have such innovative tech opportunities! But today, an app like Agnitus can teach your kids with fun and interactive games. If your children have special needs such as autism, ADD, dyslexia or just struggle with learning, this is a great option for them to advance their skills. Their touch-enabled devices are easier for kids with learning disabilities to handle, and the gentle guidance will help them learn without them even realizing it!

Games are detailed and positively reinforce learning themes such as math, science, geography and others.

Mommies, if you are interested in giving this a go for your kids, make sure you check out the Agnitus site! Your kids will love this, and you will love how it helps them learn.


This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.