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My Wonderful New Sites

Peeps, giveaway lovers and overall awesome followers of the blog:

I am SO proud to present you to my two new blogs – both very different but equally important and loved. 🙂

As much as I enjoy giveaways, this website gives me certain limitations, so I needed to find an ‘out’ – a way to publish articles and pictures that are not necessarily giveaway or shopping related. It made more sense to create two new websites and keep those irrelevant articles away from here. Please follow my new blogs, post comments, and make recommendations/suggestions – anything goes! Your support is always appreciated and valued.

All the Frugal Ladies

For those cheapo’s in us (I know you’re out there! You love to win free goodies… so you definitely like to save money), this blog is a collaboration of mine with two co-workers. We all love to save money, be smart about our spending and our finances, and think of creative ways to save, save, save.

Home Life Abroad

This is the creation of Ave, a fellow giveaway blogger, and myself. We thought it would be fun to create a website about something that we both have in common – we both live abroad from home. And so this website came to be!

It’s about all sorts of random things – living abroad, new customs & traditions, TV shows, babies, relationships, recipes, fashion… it’s a way for Ave and I to write about whatever is on our mind.