Posted on October 5, 2013 under: Blogging, Reviews & Giveaways

Calling all bloggers! Join me in a $150 Gift Card Prize

Blogger Opportunity: Take part in a great giveaway! Open worldwide.


Giveaway Prize: $150 Gift Card

Prizes include stunning gold & silver items!

Bloggers: Advertise the giveaway on your site & social media and get an entry option in the giveaway. Participants like/follow your social media in exchange for an entry. It’s a great way to increase your followers!

Get one free follow on: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. This opportunity is limited to only 30 blogs for each giveaway (minimum of 1000 followers on all social media combined)

Giveaway runs from October 17 – October 31.  Open worldwide! You can check out  my review on her items here.