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Southtree – Preserve your Memories Digitally

As a kid, my mom used to go to every single show and holiday concert that my school arranged. By the time we 5 kids finished school, we had hundreds of VHS tapes stored in the living room. It was taking up a lot of space and by then, who really had a VHS player at home? No one! It was already an outdated piece of technological history… we couldn’t even watch the videos.

So, we did the smart thing and decide to preserve the VHS tapes into digital form. The hundreds of tapes translated into only 24 DVDs, all of which were neatly labeled and stored. Now these we could watch easily, and we did many times! We had a really good time remembering the good old days.

If you also have tapes, films, photos and audio that you want to store digitally, there’s an easy and an inexpensive way to do it. Check out Southtree, who are one of the best providers of this service. They will do all the work for you and restore all your keepsakes in digital form. Imagine what a wonderful gift it could be for mom!

They are now offering a discount of 25% off any order by using the code: blog25. You only have until July 15, 2014 so hurry!


Check out Southtree here.

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